Monday, October 26, 2009

'Bloomberg Town'

Here's the third and final ad in the three-spot, $500,000 independent expenditure anti-Bloomberg campaign being run by CWA Local 1180.

This ad is like "Star Wars" meets "Being John Malkovich". It envisions New York City in 2021 as not only still under Bloomberg's rule, but wholly subsumed by Bloomberg. In short, it has become...Bloomberg Town.

(No matter that the mayor has repeatedly tried to shoot down speculation that he will try to stick around for a fourth term if he's successful at winning a third, insisting he'll be too old by then - 71 - to run for office).

This ad is scheduled to his the airwaves tonight. It just so happens to come on the same day the mayor delivered a speech in which he envisioned the city in 2013 after another four years under his control.

(Naturally, it will be greener, safer and have an even better public education system).

Scott Levenson, who spearheaded the "NYC is Not for Sale" campaign for Local 1180, said the release of this ad on the day of Bloomberg's vision speech is "somewhat coincidental," adding: "It's coincidental that I got done with the ad, but releasing it today is an opportunity I didn't want to miss."

Levenson repeated the Thompson campaign's denial that his firm, The Advance Group, is working for both the comptroller and CWA. He said the $690 paid to the firm by Thompson was actually for primary palm cards that featured both Councilwoman Inez Dickens and the comptroller.

"We billed Inez for the palm cards and she billed him for his share," Levenson said.

Bloombergtown from Elizabeth Benjamin on Vimeo.

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