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August 20, 2009

Editor's Note: YFP placed a call to Mr. Levine for his reaction to the request by the 4DSBxCoalition. Mr. Levine's secretary relayed the following message to this editor: "Randy Levine does not want to speak to you."

The following letter was mailed to Randy Levine from the


145 E, 149th Street, 2nd Floor

Bronx,N.Y. 10451


The New York Yankees


Randy Levine, Esq.


East 161st Street and River Avenue

Bronx, New York 10451

Dear Mr. Levine:

We, For The South Bronx Coalition, an organization comprised of community organizations, activists, business representatives, fans and residents, are deeply disappointed and concerned with the treatment of the South and West Bronx communities by Yankees management.

Among our concerns are:

1) The apparent non-compliance of Yankees management with the Community Benefits Agreement, dated April 2006 - from full disclosure of environmental, health, employment and Community Benefits Fund reports to the delays in allocation of monies to that same fund.

2) The continued administration of the Community Benefits Fund by an individual (Serafin Mariel) who has a questionable history in our community and is in court for alleged violations of his fiduciary duty to the Fund (established pursuant to Section VIII of the Community Benefits Agreement and responsible for the annual distribution of philanthropic benefits to the Bronx Community).

3) The utter failure of Yankees management to assist in alleviating the increased traffic and environmental impacts caused by the new Stadium to the immediate community surrounding the Stadium.

4) The failure to employ South Bronx residents in construction and post-construction equal to at least twenty five percent of the total new job force

5) The delay in construction of the replacement parks - Yankees management and the City have yet to replace the 22 acres of community parkland taken for the construction of the Stadium, hence depriving our children of parkland. Furthermore, the only partial park to be built is constructed of artificial turf and on top of a parking structure.

We are hereby requesting a series of meetings to earnestly discuss the above items and other community concerns regarding the partnership between the community and Yankees management. As community leaders in one of the poorest congressional districts in the country, we indeed want and need the relationship between the community and Yankees management to be that of partners. We want and need Yankees management to re-energize its commitment to the South and West Bronx and the Community Benefits Agreement.

We believe a good starting point would be to commence this dialogue as soon as possible and expect to hear from you within ten days of receipt of this letter.

Very truly yours,

Robert Carrillo


4DSBxCoalition 4DSBxCoalition

Ramon Jimenez

Chair, Legal Counsel

4DSBxCoalition 4DSBxCoalition

cc: Major League Baseball

Hal Steinbrenner

Hon. Ruben Diaz, Jr.

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