Sunday, March 22, 2009

Class War For Idiots:


(Updated below)

Who is this combover shithead poking his head nervously around the corner? Why, it’s none other than Joseph Cassano, who should be high up on everyone’s list for a little game hunting this weekend. Joseph Cassano, the thief who created AIG’s Financial Products division–that’s the division that racked up $500 billion in losses. Yep, that’s half a trillion dollars–enough to provide health care for tens of millions of Americans, all gone–poof! All because of this fuckhead named Joseph Cassano. He’s doing fine though, thanks for asking–he’s got all the health care he needs and then some, thanks to the fact that while he bequeathed to us a half trillion dollar bill, he pocked for himself about $315 million. Plus after he was forced out of AIG last year, he awarded himself a $1 million monthly pension. That’s $1 million per month. Meanwhile, we’ve dropped $170 billion into AIG and that’s just so far, to clean up his mess… and we had to cough up another $450 million the other day to pay big fat bonuses to Cassano’s former colleagues in his Financial Products division. They must love Joe there!

But as awful as this sounds, at least there’s a silver lining to this story. A silver lining smeared with blood and cum, that is: yes, Joseph Cassano may soon be gagging on a heapin’ helpin’ o’ prison cock.

That’s right, according to the good folks at TPM, both the Justice Department and Britain’s Serious Fraud Office are pursuing criminal investigations into the way Cassano hid losses, lied to investors and the public, and forced one AIG accountant to resign, and forced Price Waterhouse to lay off the prying eyes, when they were on his trail of fraud. Latest news is that Cassano has hired himself a famous white-collar crime lawyer, F. Joseph Warin.


M’mmm, that’s a mighty perty mouth you’ve got there, Joe!

Maybe he’d be better off hiring himself a dentist to remove his teeth? Because we hear that the first thing they do to a guy like Cassano in prison is bash out all his teeth to make fucking his mouth a little easier. Joe, you might want to read this site, Men Can Stop Rape, just to get acquainted. Because you know, prison rape is no laughing matter. Unless it happens to you. Then it’s a screamer!

UPDATE: Ah, the good news just keeps a’-pourin’ in, folks. The New York Post published the names of three scared-shitless AIG pigs who gave themselves bonuses from taxpayer money. Their names are: James “Jackpot Jimmy” Haas, Douglas Poling and Jonathan Liebergall. Haas and Poling both live in Fairfield, Connecticut, while Liebergall lives in New Canaan, Connecticut. Here’s a photo of Haas outside his multi-gazillion-dollar Fairfield home, just in case you want to ID your target:


And here is “Jackpot Jimmy” Haas’s house in Fairfield:


James “Jackpot Jimmy” Hass’s mansion. Address: Sasco Hill Road, Fairfield, CT. Google It!


David Poling, who pocketed a $6.4 million bonus, relaxes in this mansion located up the street from his pal Jimmy’s, at Golden Pond Lane, Fairfield, CT. Google It!

So while Andrew Cuomo goes over the plusses and minuses of releasing the list of AIG bonus thieves (plusses: they suffer horribly; minuses: still thinking…), meanwhile, AIG’s employees are shitting in their pants and expecting the worst. Supposedly so scared that they’re actually doing what we want them to: both Haas and Poling are giving their money back, or so they say. That’s no reason not to ding-dong ditch them, but it does prove once again that violence works.

Here’s a memo that AIG sent out to its employees showing how scared shitless they are. Kinda looks like a memo that Americans visiting Iraq might receive–which means Americans are finally doing something right in the class war. Here’s the memo, this is pure Jiffy Pop popcorn fun to read:


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