Sunday, February 1, 2009

But He Didn't Inhale

Obama's Brother Locked Up In Nairobi Pot Bust!
By Joshua Stein, 12:29 PM on Sat Jan 31 2009, 9,149 views

Developing: George, the half-brother of Barack Obama, was arrested in Nairobi for possession of illegal drugs. The dude had one joint!
I don't even smoke marijuana and I have like five joints in an old box of checks in the second drawer of my bedside table! Mr. Obama, a trainee mechanic in his mid-twenties who lives in a Nairobi slum lower middle class housing complex. He is being charged with possession of cannabis and resisting arrest. The White House, wisely, refused to comment. [Telegraph]

Conspiracy Update: In what may be a complete coincidence but at the same time, probably isn't, the New York Times runs a long story about a 2007 exit poll conducted by the United States of America in Nairobi which found that the challenger Raila Odinga won the election. But when Mwai Kibaki, the incumbent, was declared winner, the poll results were never released. The article, relying on testimony from Kenneth Flottman, East Africa director for the US-backed International Republican Institute, states that the poll was not released due to political pressure from the State Department. This, probably, didn't make Kibaki very happy. Might his displeasure have something to do with the half-brother of our President being locked up for having one joint? Maybe!

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