Sunday, November 30, 2008

(Photo: With my Buddy Jo Hogan at a party. Hogan left, always informs me about the culture keys a gringo like me should avoid even in this English speaking country.)

On the other hand, I am the foreigner here, too. I am the gringo. I am the guy with the funny sounding accent and, strange clothing. As a Black American I am also a bit of an exotic here. A rarity and, a curiosity. At the same time, I feel immensely proud that Barack Obama, a fellow Black American man, is the president-elect. And these people called Australians, Black and white alike, seem genuinely happy that he is the new guy coming into power, as well. Yet, while we speak a common language and, while guys like Andrew has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about guys like me, I could not help but think about what some new friends over here, two native Aussie women, Jo and Lori, told me about this "Typical Yank" thing, that hangs in the air with their countrymen.

A thing, I should point out, that may not be immediately recognizable, even for a very un-typical Yank, who calls New York City home. It is coming around I have to say, slowly but, surely.

I leave you with this piece that appeared in THE AGE newspaper about that very thing. Read on.....

See you back here again soon. Same time. Same Channel.

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