Sunday, June 22, 2008


Video By Rafael Martínez Alequín

This may be a case of "deja vu all over again". In 2004, several staff members of then ex State Senator Pedro Espada were indicted for diverting funds from his Soundview Healthcare facility to his unsuccessful political campaign for Bronx Borough President in 2001.

"Executive Director Nicole Gordon, today announced the indictment of four senior managers at the Soundview Health Center who are charged with stealing state funds earmarked for programs designed to serve impoverished women, children and persons diagnosed with HIV and AIDS and using the funds to finance political campaigns. (2005)"

It would appear in this video that Espada is still utilizing the same tactics. His Soundview Healthcare Center sponsored a Blood Pressure screening program at the Fordham Hill Senior Center in the Bronx. The profusely generous Mr. Espada also donated free food in the form of one banana, three apples and a small box of generic cereal per person. No blood pressure screening took place. However, signatures were solicited for a petition to qualify Espada on the ballot to run, yet once again, for State Senator against opponent Efrain Gonzalez. Although a novel concept, food for votes runs contrary to election rules.

But then again......that has never stopped Espada. In his own words, "I go where the power is."

It then behooves the reader to pay close attention to Espada's mention of aligning himself with the Republican party. Click Video below.

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