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Latest HOT HOT HOT Rumor From Network News Sources – Hillary To Quit SenateSources in NY
Posted on 02/14/2008 2:51:44 PM PST by MindBender26

Latest HOT HOT HOT Rumor From Friends/Fiends/Network News Sources – Hillary To Quit Senate
As about 10 minutes ago, people are working this TOTALLY UNCONFIRMED rumor: Hillary will quit Senate.
Reasons are multiple:
1. A desperation attempt to show voters she is willing to “put everything on the line" to devote all her time and energy to her quest for Presidency.
2. To do something, anything, to change the almost universal headlines about her imploding campaign.
3. Portray herself as a “victim” yet again.
4. She never had much power or respect in the Senate anyway. All her power stemmed from her position as the presumptive nominee for President.
5. She has no desire to work in a job where, assuming her Presidential bid fails, she would be “equal” to 99 others.
6. In Senate, she is limited in what she can earn on lecture circuit. Out of Senate, she will command $100,000 to $250,000 per lecture, 10 to 60 times a year, be waited on hand and foot, and work only as hard as she wants to.
7. She can keep herself in the limelight as head of some foundation she creates, and answer to no one.
8. She can keep her private life, which has been greatly restricted for the last few months, as open or as secret as she wants.
9. She can do what she wants, with as much or as little alignment with Bill as she wants.
10, More than anything else, she was only ever in public life for the power it would bring her and her desire to drive America into a socialist state, and the failure of this campaign signals the end of much of her political power.
The general idea is that she would quit anyway for reasons listed, so why not do it now when there a chance, however slight and desperate, that it might reignite her campaign.
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