Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Development in Dana Rishpy Case

MISSING: Dana Rishpy is seen in a video she made shortly before her disappearance in a Mexican beach town.
MISSING: Dana Rishpy is seen in a video she made shortly before her disappearance in a Mexican beach town.

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A young Israeli tourist disappeared in Mexico four years ago. The case of Dana Rishpy was chronicled for several months by YFP until the trail grew cold. The primary suspect, Matthew Walshin, refused to cooperate. Other persons implicated such as Flor Pastranan Flores and Zsolt Fejer aka El Hungaro, continue to protest their innocence. However, a new twist has emerged in the past few days.

According to a report from Por Esto, a Mexican newspaper, police detained a local property caretaker named Jorge Ernesto Carranza Ruiz. He became a person of interest when a rape suspect detained in a separate case volunteered information that Ruiz was a witness to Dana's disappearance. The unnamed rape suspect went further to state that Ruiz had given a ride to Matthew Walshin, Dana and eight other people on the night of her disappearance. They were taken to an area called "Malix." that Ruiz maintains. It was allegedly there that Dana was given the drug, ecstasy and overdosed. It is here that the information given takes many different directions.
Arutz 7 an Israeli news outlet states that Ruiz led police to an area where Dana is believed to have been buried.It also says that she had fallen prey to organ traffickers.In addition, that remains were found and that DNA testing is underway.

Other Mexican papers report that Ruiz aka El Neto was detained and questioned by police for two days.

Upon his release, Ruiz held a press conference stating his innocence and that he was being scape goated by the police. Nevertheless,
One can only surmise that this surge of renewed interest is based on good information. What we do know is that Dana was in the company of Matthew Walshin, and Zsolt Fejer. Both men are known in the area as drug dealers. This recent development is good news about a bad story. Somebody out there knows more. We encourage you to speak. This could be your sister, your daughter, your wife. The truth will set you free.


News Brief

7/22/2011 9:01:00 AM, Tammuz 20, 5771

Development in Dana Rishpy Case

Police in Mexico may have found the remains of Dana Rishpy, an Israeli backpacker who went missing at the age of 24 in 2007. Investigators told local television, Thursday, that a homeless person claimed to have witnessed her murder and led them to the place she was buried, outside the city of Tulum. The remains they found are undergoing DNA analysis.

The testimony of the homeless person apparently confirms the report of private investigators hired by the Rishpy family that Dana was kidnapped by a gang of organ traffickers and brutally murdered.


Anonymous said...

some of your facts seem a bit misleading-

Jorge Ernesto Carranza Ruiz was the caretaker of playa esparanza...not malix. This was published in the poresto news of tulum. Another article states danna had taken ectasy at the mezzaninne,went in to convulsions there and was taken to playa esparanza. Everyone invloved in this case apart from Matt Walshin has stayed in the tulum area and answered to the police in one way or another...they need to find him and there is the key to unlock this puzzle...why run and hide if you are innocent?

Anonymous said...

Mattew Walshin KNOWS whats happened to Dana and the fucking police do nothing about it ! ! !
and if dana was alive that's what she wanted me to day! you are all retarded for free matthew walshin because he knows whats happened to her!!! he knows why and by whom she was taken!!